Jeff Shushan


Welcome to my counseling and coaching practice.  While sitting beside beautiful Lake Union, we’ll listen to your most pressing concerns. Together, we’ll find out what is most important to you. We’ll help you to discover a path which leads you to imagine a healthy future and the creation of your own unfolding legacy.

I have an approach that can be summed up in a single sentence: “Listening to the satisfaction of the speaker”. What matters most is that you feel heard and understood. Understanding leads to being known. Being known for who you are and how you are living your life, may lead to reflection and re-evaluation of your choices. I hope that you feel empowered with education, structure and skill building for self-awareness and relational health.

Let’s explore and help you strengthen your:

These are potent themes around which you will discover and explore your own passion, aliveness and creativity.

I am inviting you to share in the enjoyment of your own unfolding.

Warm Regards,



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